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Marie-Denise Douyon

Contemporary African Art

Top contemporary Canadian- Haitian artist

At first from Haiti, Marie-Denise Douyon is really a citizen with the world. She grew up in North Africa, examined in New york and Washington and now lives in Montreal. Using a wonderful arts diploma within the Fashion Institute of Know-how of latest York, she returned to Haiti inside the eighties, then emigrated to Canada to be a political refugee in 1991.
This peripatetic lifestyle is mirrored in her paintings, by which dislocation is usually a widespread topic. To ponder a piece by Douyon would be to become more conscious of the mixture of African and Creole cultures in the context of contemporary artwork. Douyon also expresses her problem about our tradition of overconsumption by utilizing found and discarded elements in her work.
 Contemporary African Art
Douyon�s artwork continues to be exhibited in lots of towns, including Montreal, Vancouver, Port-au-Prince, Washington, Dakar and Paris. She also experienced the privilege of exhibiting her operate with the Bardo Countrywide Museum in Tunis, Tunisia, in a group show of Canadian and Tunisian artists. 

Post by tophaitianartist (2016-08-17 13:04)

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